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The is the official site from where you can order this, which is the female analogue of male Viagra and consists of the sildenafil citrate. This female Viagra also acts like the male one, it causes the strong flow of blood to genitals but its therapeutic effects of the Viagra are different absolutely. Well, the physiology of every women is complicated than male one and it is difficult for women to gain the satisfaction during the intimacy. They are also unable to have this sexual excitement due to some of the psychological or physiological disorders. The lubricant production is even disturbed, walls of the genitals are similarly not ready for sexual intercourse, the dislike of sex gets developed or the painful sensations during the coitus occur.

If you will have a look at the Lady Era official site, you will find that it really helps in enhancing sensitivity of sexual stimulation and even helps in getting aroused sexually. This also helps in treatment of some of the sexual disorders in women that have following as,

  • Candace syndrome
  • Lubricant swelling
  • Sexual desire order
  • Anorgasmia
  • The low libido in the menopause

The lady era usage during the menopause also reduces intensity of disorder symptoms as the hormone gets changed during such a period. The women are able in having prior life and get maximum satisfaction from intimacy in this menopause period when most of the women lose their interest in sex. Some of the disorders of sexual arousal occur due to surgeon interventions on uterus or ovary removal and other genitals or surgeries.

Click On the Site of Lady Era Online

As result, the appeared scars can worsen genitals sensitivity and women hardly gain the sexual excitement. This one female Viagra causes complete genitals blood flow and women can get aroused easily and can also have the orgasms even after physical changes or surgeries.

Safe and best

Unlike the old drugs of injective nature to improve sexual arousal, the lady era site also explains that it include any male sexual hormones. The testosterone is completely responsible for sexual arousal in female and male body. It doesn’t influence on concentration of hormones in blood but they activate natural processes in body that happen during sexual dysfunction absence. The action gets started in 40 minutes after consuming this one pill of Lady Era of 100 mg. get this product online which is 100 per cent safe and best.