Sex Doll Accessories

Accessories are like Spare parts. Like any vehicle that may need Spare wheels, so is the Case with  Sex Dolls. Below are some of the Sex dolls Accessories that you need to keep in mind.


Sexdoll heads can be used for many different reasons, from serial lovers to those who have repeatedly watched the “Predator” movie. Like real ladies, sex dolls need love and attention just like the real thing. The most pleasing aspect is that dolls can be cared for according to your preferences. While you’re getting ready to wash and gently comb your sex doll’s hair, why not scream and toss giant tomatoes from the farmers market at her? You can do it. You can listen to death metal while applying her smokey eye makeup if you choose. Let us show you around. Some people are so into love dolls that they’ll set up a whole room full of them on stands, simply waiting for you to notice them. You can browse them like a horny French royal who is looking forward to the pleasure of the company of his silicone harem.

Hooks for storing Sex Dolls

Pirates never had the chance to play with genuine sex dolls. Their long, lonely sea voyages would have been much more exciting if they’d experienced this. However, others might not have felt the need to steal and plunder when they were so sexually satisfied; therefore, they might not have done so. With the help of Sex Doll Hooks, you may hang her up to be thoroughly cleaned, washed, or powdered. In particular, the robust metal hook will keep your doll off the ground, free of dirt, and ready to be used again.

Storage Case

It is not just Count Dracula who enjoys sleeping in small, secluded places. Your realistic sex doll will appreciate how well-made and long-lasting her carrying bag is. Like Dracula, she will emerge from her ‘love coffin’ at dusk and be ready to suck once the sun has risen no longer.

Lifelike sex doll storage boxes resemble a large metal suitcase with wheels for easy transportation. Alternatively, you can get a less expensive travel case for your sex doll, but this is less robust, so you’ll have to take extra precautions and pack your love doll carefully to prevent damage.

Cleaning Bulb Enema

Choosing a vagina that is detachable from your silicone doll’s twinkling cave is the quickest method to clean it. A more sophisticated process of cleaning her private parts is required for those who don’t want to use this option because of the lack of realism compared to fixed vaginasCleaning her with an enema douche bulb is the quickest, simplest, and least expensive option. The only exception is if you have an extra-large shower, a backyard, or some other outdoor space where you can set up shop and easily spray her down. Compared to the douche bulb, a showerhead will last you a long time and is also better for you in terms of health and safety.

Glue For the repair of a damaged sexual doll

Just use some silicone or TPE adhesive developed explicitly for sex dolls to patch up any significant love cuts or bruises that your lifelike synthetic girl might have gotten. Never use glue near your genital area or anywhere where it will come into touch with your private parts or your mouth. If you don’t want your doll to look like she just stepped out of a dumpster, don’t use duct tape or any other sticky surface on her face or body. Your ‘fun girl’ won’t be harmed or left with an unsightly residue by using love doll glues, which are specifically formulated for this purpose.

Aset of wigs

Having long, beautiful, flowing hair might strengthen the intimacy between you and your new partner. On the other hand, finding the perfect wig is a difficult task. Make sure you consider your doll’s appearance, skin tone, and facial features. And specific hair colours don’t work, no matter how much you like or want them to. Keeping this in mind, keep in mind that the darker the wig’s interior, the more likely it is to stain your doll’s head. Although you won’t see the back of her head, we wanted to let you know. It may be necessary to clean and powder the wig thoroughly to avoid this issue.

Romantic Doll Owner Eyes.

As you smack her naughty biceps, look into her eyes and see what she’s thinking. If she can do a full split as you hold your favourite kind of sour cream and onion potato chips in her snatch, you’ll love her more than words can express. It’s time to get down on one knee in front of her stunning blue eyes and ask her to be your wife. For her part, she won’t reciprocate in the form of a wedding promise. You should know that popping out and in her new set of eyeballs is one of the creepiest things you will perform with your silicone wife. However amusing a drop may be, it will roll away and be buried in the backyard by your beloved pet dog once she has gotten ahold of it. You’ll need an eye patch now. Sex doll eye patches are a hot trend right now because they’re so easy to put on and remove.

Removable Vagina

Big dicks are lucky to last more than two minutes in such a ‘cum extraction’ environment, so please have mercy. To make cleaning your doll a breeze, we include a set of removable vaginas. These vaginas have more squeezing power than any vacuum cleaner you’ve seen advertised on television. Because they detract from realism, you should make a decision. For a man, these are critical considerations that you must consider. The consequences of a faulty judgment could be devastating. There’s no need to rush. Anal and oral sex is all that’s left if the vagina you’re using isn’t the right one, but oh, the horror!

Standing Feet

To purchase this as an accessory, you must already own a doll that does not have feet. The decision must be taken before the doll’s arrival, during manufacture. What does it accomplish? It’s a great way to get your beauty out of bed and into the kitchen, where she can offer moral support to you. There you have it.

Shoes and heels for sexy love dolls –

Heels are popular with men. Men aren’t all the same. Some males have an affinity for the soles of their feet, whereas like to wear sneakers or socks. On the other hand, a random Florida male is fond of plastic bags on the feet of an unnamed nymphomaniac sex doll. It’s up to you. It’s impossible to deny the attraction between the two of you. Put some killer heels or shoes on your beauty and belt out your favourite wolfie love song while you’re at it! It can also shield her from the onslaught of orcs from alternate dimensions. Runes of Nevendaar are full of references to orcs’ aversion to red stiletto heels and their fear of orcs.