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The male reporters state how they had been annoyed that they couldn’t get the best pictures or even interview the protesters. There were around 1,600 victims; half were male, and the other was feminine. A policeman on the scene says he is afraid there could also be a conflict between passing civilians and protesters. President Moon Jae-in said there was no bias in the police investigation process. Many of these activists had also been part of the Candlelight Protest to impeach President Park Geun Hye. This protest had a restriction on the male press reporters asking questions. The protest continued with protest marches. One week after the incident, at 7 pm, protesters carrying black clothes and face masks gathered at the Sinnonhyeon Station, a subway station adjacent to Gangnam Station.

The assailant stated that he killed her because of his disgust for ladies and since he had been “murdered by a girl in his social life.” A middle-aged lady states how she understands gender inequality when she appears to be like her daughter but is uncertain when she thinks about her son. Another reporter, Lee from Hankook Ilbo, states that gender discrimination was mirrored and was frustrating for him. Still, he also thinks this was an amazing technique to precise one of Hyehwa Station Protest’s major goals, gender equality. The different perspectives of the Hyehwa Station are broken up into a part of women’s motion and the other as the radical feminist movement.

Many people in South Korea shorten the phrase feminist to “femi” (페미). MeToo movement in South Korea. Inside South Korea, they had two accomplices, I, 26 years outdated, and Choi, 49 years outdated. Indeed, in Korea, younger males tend to receive heavier punishments. She realized that she was one of many victims after encountering the screenshots of the group chat dialog in addition to voice recordings online. She solely realized that she was sexually assaulted after the uncovering of Jung Joon Younger’s group chat. The final reminiscence she had was drinking with them in a hotel suite after a fan assembly in March 2016. When she woke up, she was unclothed on the bed with a member of the group chat, additionally a male Okay-Pop idol named Choi Jong Hoon.